Marketing Tips Part One- Quality Assurance Specialists

It has been said that your Marketing plan is the most important part of your business plan. We have heard the loosely spoken quote that “Marketing is 95% of your business”. There are definitely specific forms of marketing and sales tactics that work for specialized industries. In order to appeal to you all, I want to give a few pointers on things to consider for sprucing up your office and opening the door for a flood of new clients and income.Quality Assurance Specialists

Years ago, I worked for the Washington DC Government in the Mayor’s Office in the Communications Department as a Quality Assurance Specialist. My job for 8 hours a day was to call the various DC Government agencies pretending to be a citizen inquiring about something that their agency may or may not have offered. We had to find out a few things as I remember. I have listed a few of them below.
  • Did the person answer the phone professionally? Was their clear tone in their voice? Did they over talk you? Did they answer the phone popping gum or carrying on other conversations?
  • Did they answer your question and if they did not, did they hang up or continue providing extraordinary customer service by getting you the answer or resources that you needed?
  • Was their attitude in their voice when they needed to provide you with answers? Did they seem polite, excited, professional, friendly?
These are just a few quality assurance questions that the Mayor wanted answered. There were constant review of the reports, and we had to write up our thoughts about each call in addition to the multiple choice questions. The telephone calls were timed, and the receptionists, and others that we spoke with on the phone’s name were recorded.
Every week, month, quarter the agencies were judged, and percentages did not lie. There were 4 or 5 of us and we did not know the assignments that we would have. So they took all of our reports into consideration for each agency.
You can find some way to include this into your current customer service platform. I thought that this was genius of the Mayor to implement. One suggestion that I can offer for installation of this type of program is to train your Accounts Receivables staff to provide for customer friendly service, and provide Quality Assurance surveys.
At the end of the phone call the accounts receivable/quality assurance specialists could remind them of their balance and give them payment options. If you want to take it to the next level you could have the clients who have had an amazing experience be offered to have their testimonial on the website.
Developing customer relationships are critical to the survivorship for your business. For those customers/clients who are emotionally connected to your project, they desire to see you succeed, and they want to be the last person to owe you money. I believe that accounts receivables departments cost more money to the company when the owners use scare and intimidation tactics thinking that people will pay their debts.
We are in an age where people’s credits have no reflection of their integrity in my opinion. For many paying a bill, is not more important than eating but for those bills that they are able to pay, I can almost guarantee that there is an emotional connection and loyalty for the company they choose to make a priority to clear debt from.
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