Post 2012 Election: “Grateful” – A Peaceful Poem Against Racism

by Alicea Davis
This message is for all of the whites.
Who’s always had the desire to love and unite.
You were the ones who had our backs
and did not prejudge us because we were black.
You are more than an exception
To all that hatred and rejection.
You were our trusted ally.
When we needed help to get by.
You were against all the suffering that we went through.
Although we were the victims, you cried too.
And we are so grateful
for you not being hateful.
In a time where discrimination is still tried and true.
We have to give credit to whom honor is due.
Today, when I needed a job to pay my bills
You didn’t focus on my color but you respected my skills.
Yesterday, when we marched, I know you took pride.
As we protested for civil rights you were right by our side.
And the day before, when the slaves hid underground.
My family took shelter in your home,
Though you pretended that they were not around.
And we are so grateful
for you not being hateful.
Especially in those times
when loving us was a crime.
You risked your own kindred’s respect and trust
All in the name of helping us.
As we celebrated emancipation, you were dancing and drinking
Instead of questioning, “What Lincoln was thinking?”
It is amazing through all the pain and insanity
How you managed to keep your love and humanity
You let your children play with us.
You came to church to pray with us.
It is nice to see you more than once in a while
When you genuinely greet us with your welcoming smile.
Even though there is still room to grow.
We appreciate you and we want you to know.
That we still need you.
Because uniting humanity is what we can do.
I see you, my friend.
Making it easier as our struggle comes closer to an end.
But the truth is,
There are still some inequalities out there.
But we know better than to think that you do not care.
And we are just so grateful
For you not being hateful.
Thank you.
© 2006-2012 Alicea Davis. All rights reserved worldwide.

Poet, Alicea Davis

Alicea Davis
Poet. Author. Artist.
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Alicea Davis is changing the world with one poem at a time with her first book, The Sky is NOT the Limit: a Book of Empowering Poetry. This compilation of her thought provoking poetry challenges readers to examine their social position in our changing world. Born and raised in Detroit, MI., Alicea is launching projects that the whole world can experience. To learn more about Alicea visit her website at
This is a guest blog on Love, Life and Relationships: Overcoming Emotional and Child Sexual Abuse. Ressurrection Graves, Owner of the above named blog is a child sexual abuse expert, poet, author and national speaker.
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2 Responses to Post 2012 Election: “Grateful” – A Peaceful Poem Against Racism

  1. Thanks for a healing poem.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing, and posting her video on your Facebook page.

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