Marketing Tips- Part Four

Here’s that last of the series for Marketing Tips…Enjoy!

  • DO NOT- get a flash website. Not on the home page, or any page. It’s annoying and takes too much time.You want an online service that pops. One that tells people how professional you are and committed to their total experience without you ever having to say a word. When websites became popular, people quickly sought to set themselves apart by getting flash websites. What they found in the end was that people want a fresh, professional look that reflects you as a company, but not for it to take a long time. Flash
  • DO- Consider your website content. Make sure that your information on the website leads to a sale. I don’t know what took me so long but I have added a “History of Massage” page to my website because it provides information to the clients but also because Google and other Search Engines will pick up key words that will bring clients to my website.
  • DO NOT Get a website that is not functional and looks out-of-place for your business. For example, if you are charging $35 a massage (which no one should), and your website gives the impression that they are coming to a luxury spa, there is imbalance. The savvy customer will know it and leave the website thinking that you are going to scam them. The clueless customer will have high expectations and show great disappointment with the difference between your location and the website. I always encourage people to use some real pictures on your website if virtual tour is not an option. Additionally, leave the virtual tour to the high-end businesses with luxury atmospheres.
  • DO- Opt in Newsletters so that you can provide the education through this medium and have clients respond to your newsletters with new purchases, and booked appointments.
This is something that I wrote as a suggestion for one local Pest Control Company…

“People should be able to opt in for tips on how to take care of their homes and business after treatments. You should be educating them. After all, we as a society believe the experts. You can recycle media topics and relate it to your business. For example, when the National Harbor was being dug out, and the GayLord at the National Harbor in Maryland had that horrible rat problem, someone in your Marketing Department could have written a newsletter about new construction and how to handle pests during that situation. In the last paragraph, it would name your company as the source for pest control when in those types of situations. This could have been sent out to commercial realtors and clients alike.

The percentage of single, unmarried women are tremendous. I don’t know about other women but bugs scare me therefore I am not educated about them, at all. I just know to scream and run. Which are poisonous, or diseased? Which are not good for babies to be around? If I see one how many is there really? What about myths of moth balls? Bleach for mice? You follow me…  Your website must be user-friendly. In addition to opting in so that you can capture their information, you also need to have something on the website that they can buy. Or, perhaps you would have something on the website that they can capture from it like a “Book Now” feature so that people can request appointments immediately as they are thinking about it.”

You may say that this does not apply to you because your are not a pest control company, I beg to differ. This relates to any business who will want to implement solutions that will increase their business revenue, visibility and vitality.

I hope that you found this article refreshing and that it sparked some creativity in you to revamp your website or marketing materials. For Branding experts and other high-caliber professionals that I know who will transform your business feel free to reach out to me anytime.

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