Dennis Rodman Induction Speech

Today is a bit of a sluggish day for me. I have a lot on my mind and there is a lot to be unsaid in my thoughts. I am at a bit of silence to keep from speaking from a place of sacriligiousness. Please understand that without God, I am nothing; however some days you just want to curl up in the bed, feel drowsy and fall fast asleep in hopes of tomorrow being a brighter day. Today was indeed, one of those days.

However, I move despite my feelings all of the time. It is kind of one of the secrets to my perseverance, to do it anyway.

Michael Jordan

I ran across a Yahoo Sports link that spoke of Dennis Rodman being put in the Hall of Fame. In my opinion Michael Jordan is the the greatest player to ever play the game of basketball, but I was completely disheartened by the speech that he gave to fans when he was entered into the Hall of Fame. It was kind of funny at first but the long list of rants were too much for many, including me. I am no adopted cousin to sarcasm but Michael, seriously, the whole speech? Apparently, he still felt the need to prove something. I don’t know how you prove you are the man, when you already are but it was a clear look inside of some unsettled feelings shared at the wrong time. I think that his life, and his induction would have vindicated him, but some people really do need the last word. I love Michael Jordan! I feel some kind of betrayal for not liking his speech but if I was his woman, I would have told him to use a pencil and speak from the heart- hoping it would change at the podium. It was funny, but too much.

Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman on the other hand sounded like a bull with his grunts at the start of his speech. His actions are always unpredictable and unexpected. He was a great player but I honestly got so lost in his magical costumes including the wedding dress, hair dyes, tattoos, and my questions relating to everything about him that I completely forgot that he was a good basketball player. In my personal opinion, he still looks like he is on drugs and/or alcohol. I have such compassion for his internal suffering.

Dennis Rodman however, was not forgotten by the Hall of Fame. I have to admit that in the beginning the unclear tone in his voice confused me. I wasn’t sure if he was about to become someone else or if he sounded like that because of the tears that he wanted to hold back. Dennis Rodman got a piece of Michael Jordan, but in this video Michael made him pay for it.

Without further or do, I will provide you with his speech which, I felt was the most powerful speech that I have ever heard. You might ask why after hearing it. Dennis Rodman was so transparent and so honest that even I was choked up. I realized after hearing him speak for a while that the bull sounds came directly from the “choked up” feeling. He repeatedly wiped his nose, and had trouble with composing himself. You could hear the support of people in the audience who wanted him to get through the speech, maybe as past team members who were now cheering him on as an inductee or because it would have been even more awkward than total silence with all of the grunting.

What raised my eyebrow is when he mentioned homelessness and being the eldest of 47 kids. I appreciate him most for his truth about his regrets, and wishing to be a better father.  This is a really sad speech, as I can feel the unresolved pain from his parents and the way that he grew up. Even at 46, if you have not dealt with the pains of the past, you will not be able to embrace the present.

This proves that money doesn’t change your heart. Money can provide financial balance in your life but it doesn’t mean that it will bring you joy. It will make you happy but it won’t bring you joy. Joy is a spiritual experience like love.

I pray for Dennis Rodman and the Rodman family today. Join me.

Ressurrection Graves



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