31 Reasons You Want to Buy My Book!


Thirty-One Reasons You Want to Buy My Book

You want to buy my book right now because:

1.       You are reading my blog

If you are reading my blog that means that you find interest, support, healing and thought-provoking content. Take the leap, put the wind between your wings and purchase a signed copy of my book from the Amazon link HERE.

2.       You’re checkin’ me out

Yep that’s it. You keep peakin’ in on me. This means that you don’t catch every blog and you may not be subscribed to my blog on www.ressurrection.wordpress.com (on the right side) however, you are checkin’ me out enough that you know you want in! Just buy the book already!

3.       You support my mission

You totally get it. You have been molested, incested or sexually abused in some way and have an understanding of why I do what I do. You know how important this work is because someone related to you have been affected by sexual assault or rape. You know that by teaching what Child Sexual Abuse Grooming is, and making it a felony, we can grow leaps and bounds in helping us to profile offenders better, and to stop them from hurting our children. By joining in the mission, you also become a part of the healing that takes place in my life and yours.

4.       You have shared one or more of my blogs

You are AWESOME! Not only have you been reading my blog, and checkin’ in on me but you decided to share my blog as well on your wordpress blog as a re-blog, on your social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and LinkedIn.

5.       You know characters in the book without reading it yet

If you have been reading my blogs like My Letter To My Younger Self click here, My Letter To My Mother click here, Generational Curses click here, or other blogs that show my transparency with healing from the experiences that I have had with my family, then you are already invested. You know some of the characters you even know some of the story. By reading the book, you will have a chance to learn about my story and put those characters into perspective.

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6.       You can use my book as a case study.

One of the reasons I chose to share my story was because of how angry I was as a child. Initially, I believed that my experience may help a teenage girl to understand herself and prevent her from making the wrong decisions about her body and her safety. Perhaps my testimony could prevent a child from being further abused. My book is a great way to see the emotions of one in crisis and the link that I make between being homeless as an adult and having been sexually abused. I talk a little about my desire for helping the homeless and the child sexual abuse population in a blog too. Click here

7.       You believe in me.

The reason why investors have come to me with proposals is not just because they believe in my work but because they believe deeply in me. Early in my career, I was taught that investors are only interested in your product but I have come to disbelieve that. After hanging around some very wealthy people, I have learned that people invest once they have built a relationship with you to the point where your product, your vision become something that they want to see come true.

What usually happens however with investors is that they have their own thoughts about your career, and the offer becomes a bit bitter in taste if they lose sight of your vision because of the power of their money. You can always decline. Needless to say, you want to buy my book, because you understand that funding your own projects are important for those without rich uncles.

8.       You love giving gifts to people in social work, law enforcement, and education.

As professionals we are always learning. The more that we can grow and learn through real life experiences without relying on education alone, the lives that we hope to impact will receive from the potency of your understanding. My book in many ways can serve as a tremendous gift to those who are in the profession of identifying victims, protecting predators, or even teaching prevention techniques to teachers.

You want to buy my book because…..

9.       You know a child who was abused

Whether you know someone within your family or have a friend who was sexually abused, but you cannot personally relate, sometimes reading about overcoming abuse can help you to be a better loved one.

10.   You want to encourage a teenage mother

As a teenage mother, who was in a county where teenage pregnancy was as common as waking up to go to school in the morning, I understand the shame and guilt that come behind this stigma. I also understand that I did not become a teenage mother because of random decisions but a serious of experiences with abuse that made me hyper-sexual before my time. Not that this reason coincides with every teenage girl however there is a large population of young women and boys who have been sexually abused, and as a result they may have experienced additional forms of abuse, and unhealthy relationships that lead to pregnancy.

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11.   You want to be a part of our Adopt-A-Group Home or Prison Ministry program.

This program is simple. You choose the group home or prison and provide us with the full contact and shipping information. You purchase the books from our website on www.ajourneytoloveyou.com (launching December 31, 2012) or our Amazon account by clicking here.

We will then send the books on you or your company’s behalf along with a gift letter stating that you have made a financial donation to supply them with copies of the book. You can receive a copy of the gift letter for your records.

Although we are not a non-profit, this is a great marketing expense if you are interested in gaining the attention of the organization for future partnerships. I have had people do this who may have been a client as a child and wanted to reach back as well.

12.   You are intrigued to learn how I developed a commitment to child sexual abuse prevention

The book was the catalyst for creating A Journey To Love You, writing my blog Love, Life and Relationships: Overcoming Emotional and Child Sexual Abuse, and the other services and products that I provide through my websites. When you read the book, you’ll get a sense of why I feel that the subject is important.

13.   You are not sure if you like me.

You may have already persecuted me for a blog post or word choice. You really aren’t sure how to feel about me, but reading my book will help you to decide I am sure. Either you are for me or against me. Most people aren’t really in the middle. I’m not one of those people who people could do with or without. Most people tend to make a decision. Perhaps in reading my book you’ll gain some clues that will support your decision.

What is the worst case that can happen? If you are like one of the book reviewers who read and hated a book that made it to the bestselling list, you will go to Goodreads and other well-known sites where avid readers will engage in relating to your sentiments about my work.

On the other hand, perhaps you’ll love it and help me to achieve success like Colleen Hoover, the author of Slammed, and Point of Retreat who was just signed to a two-book deal. She is/was a self-published author. Poor reviews don’t necessarily break a writer.

As I mentioned in the first scenario, the author that book which I have chosen not to name is enjoying the best seller list as well, because people were so curious that they wanted to reach their own conclusions. Good or bad, you decide.

14. You know that my book is a self-help book disguised as a memoir.

Many people who have come back and shared their testimonies about my book has stated that they thought the book to be a self-help book than a memoir. The book offers solutions to the problems that it presents. I remember in writing the book, it was important to me to share what was truly important to me – faith. Not a faith in particular, as I am a Christian but it is not a “Christian” book, but faith in essence as a spiritual experience that we cannot afford to live without. Buy the book here

15.   The book is accessible everywhere online, and in most major bookstores

One of the reasons that I chose my publishing company was because of their marketing agreements. I may not have been thrilled about certain aspects of the process however, I the marketing opportunities were exactly what I wanted as a self-published author.

So, my book is available if you walk into a Barnes and Noble and order it, or look for it online here. I don’t make as much money of course when you purchase it there. I make the most money when you purchase it here and here. For some reason, knowing that my book is available everywhere will make you buy it though. Thanks!

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16.   You want me to speak at your next event.

Most people who are coordinating an event will not sit down and read the book of all the potential guests. In fact, as a former marketing coordinator for a company hired to do events, we know that you look for a name that is recognized so that you can increase the possibility of the turn out that you are looking for.

However, if you are the person who has created the event, who has become intrigued by my work and ideals, you may want to learn more as a pastor, or someone who is in leadership. You may feel a responsibility to know my story, and know what I may teach.

17.   You want to have me as a guest on your national radio or television program.

My publishing company offers a bit of a perk here. You can always contact them at: orders@xlibris.com or marketing@xlibris.com and ask them to please send you a review copy of Identity Crisis, Identity Christ Is: A Journey To Love by Ressurrection Graves. You must identify yourself as someone qualified to receive the review copy, and you must leave full contact information. You may also contact them with questions, 1-888-795-4274. Do me a favor? CC me on the email that you send them at: ressurrection dot wordpress at yahoo dot com. I’ll do the rest of the work for you to ensure that they have shipped your review copy.

You want to buy a copy of my book today because…

18.   You misjudged my name and you are sorry about it.

The last thing that I want to have a conversation about is my name to be honest. It is just annoying mostly. As if there aren’t other people in the world with very unique names. I have been discriminated against, and I know that I have not received calls back for jobs, and other business endeavors because people make assumptions about my name. Oh well I say, your loss. My name means to stand up, to stand out; to be set apart. Buy the book here

19.   You know someone whose life was changed by the book

I was surprised when a woman who was 75 years old reached out to me to explain that she was faced with her past as a result of reading my book. You never know who the book will touch, at least I don’t. So, if you know someone whose life was impacted by reading my book, celebrate and buy your own, or one for someone else. Buy the book here

20.   You are celebrating my birthday (December 31) early.

Don’t hold back! Feel free to buy a book in support of my mission as an early or late birthday gift. Year round – the glass half empty of half full! No seriously, holidays especially Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holidays that bring family together are perfect gift times for people to read about family dysfunction and personal healing.

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21. Your purchase makes the self-publishing and marketing plan of Ten Ways possible.

Ten Ways to Safeguard Your Child From Sexual Abuse is the name of my upcoming release. I am excited about writing the book, and using all of what I have learned to share with others including those who work with children who remain unskilled in the area of child sexual abuse. When you buy the memoir, you support my upcoming book. Buy the book here

22.   Your purchase is a kind of prerequisite for the sequel.

You will have the opportunity to see how much I have grown in the sequel when you read the first installment of my memoirs. In the second book, you should already be familiar with the characters of the book, and you will be shocked at the turn of events within my personal life and my family.

23.   My husband’s family wants to know that he married someone who can produce results.

There is nothing wrong with having a dream, but let’s face it, our dreams don’t always put food on the table. I have been relentless, and certainly successful to a degree in areas of business however, telling my husband’s family that I am a writer is like saying, I want to be rich one day. They don’t see the process, my husband does. To be honest, we don’t care for other people’s opinions. And, they probably don’t care all that much about me being successful either however, if we are ever in need of anything trust me, it will come up.

I want to be a helpmeet to my husband, which is not too much to ask! I work diligently and have done so for a long time. Manifestation never hurt nobody! Whether we are talking about the naysayers who aren’t sure if they like me in cyberspace or the naysayers by marriage, quieting them means being someone who produces results.

24.   So I can continue to build a brand that you are proud of.

As I continue to create products that are one-of-a-kind like the A Journey To Love program for incest survivors that will be released December 31, 2012 – just in time for the start of the new year, it is important that I raise my capital to fund those projects, take care of web designers, and pay all the engineers that bring the products and services to you on time, and professionally.

Not to mention, I need to eat and I have a child going to college in less than two years! Building the brand means becoming recognizable and becoming recognizable means stabilizing continued growth and equity the company that I am building to change lives all over the world.

Buy Your Book Today!

25.   So I can start getting savvy investor phone calls again.

Maybe I just like the option. Maybe an investor who is interested in seeing their money grow AND my dream come true will call with a partnership request. For some people, they fly all over the country and schedule meetings with investors. I mean no disrespect but since you have all the money, you can fly in! I’ll take care of my lunch – how about that? I know I have something extraordinary here. I’m willing to do one of two things, wait for the right call, or wait until I don’t need the money because you have purchased a copy of my book! What will it be? Buy a copy of the book here.

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26.   So I can afford a National Radio Campaign this April 2013.

I have an idea to share with the world the healing program that I’ve created for incest survivors on the radio in a public service announcement celebrating National Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month. Radio advertisements costs thousands of dollars. When you buy a copy of the book, you open the door for someone to be healed as a result of your support.

One thing that I know about any business is that no matter how amazing the product or service is, it will be unknown with a marketing plan. At least, that is what I have been taught. To take it one step further, my experience has shown me that you will not have a successful product unless you have marketing dollars.

Many of you have said that my message should be spread far and wide. You believe that my healing work should be continued. The only way to further the message is to support it financially.

I have a Facebook friend named Lucinda Cross. She has an interesting story that she has told in her own book. She offers vision board sessions, and helps women to overcome what blocks them from their greatness. I have never attended her sessions however I did tune into the Tom Joyner Morning Show for her big National Radio Interview a few months back.

In less than 90 days (I am sure), Lucinda has hit the bestseller list (based on her Facebook status). You and I are one interview, one radio campaign, one television interview away from increasing our net worth and embodying the greatness that we day-dream about.

Will you help me gain National attention? Buy your book here

27.   Because you’ll be investing in yourself.

Investing in yourself could mean a lot of things. You could be searching for healing. You could be the educator, social worker or clergy who would like to be more relatable to your clients or the children that you work with. Either way, as I’ve mentioned the benefits of giving my book as a gift above, those advantages apply to you. Every single thing that we learn is something that can be used for your future success. Isn’t that why we invest in others anyway? We see the benefit. We want to see them win, and someone we see ourselves winning as we watch their success. Invest! Buy the book here.

28.   Because the innocent people being mauled by my elevator pitch at Walmart thanks you.

So you have never stood outside in the blazing sun or the blistering cold and given out your marketing materials? You have never offered your book to a stranger, who happened to be making a dash for the Walmart entrance or the car after the Walmart exit? They look at you as if you’re dirt and they make you feel like you’ve disrespected them because you’re taking their time.

Honestly, you’ve probably been on both sides of that spectrum. What really gets me though is how you could be offering a marketing material or your book, but they assume that you are pan handling. Entrepreneurs really do go through some embarrassing moments, tests and trials of confidence and resilience. No wonder we hold our heads high and have a glow about us.

Yes, it is the glory (of God), but it is also wisdom and experience too! Trust me, the Walmart people are thanking you for getting me out of the parking lot, and in that case my daughter thanks you too! Buy your book here.

29.   My mother’s dream of going on an African Safari will come true.

After the branding and all the important marketing work has been implemented we are going on a trip. My mother has always wanted to go on an African Safari, I’m not sure why in tarnations she wants to ride around in a tent with wheels on it, in a far away land with some of the most dangerous animals in the world, but I am going to face this fear and take her. So, my mother thanks you. Buying a book from www.ajourneytoloveyou.com means that her dreams are closer to being realized.

30.   The angry child who read the book thanks you.

As I mentioned somewhere above, I was an angry child as a result of what I went through. It took me many years to understand where the level of anger that I had come from. Actually the release of the book, and a comment from my mother that followed is what gave me the ah-ha moment. I knew that I was angry but I did not understand the dynamics of my anger. How cool is it to be healed from that!

You may not be the angry child but may your review on Good reads, or Facebook, or somewhere else will reach an angry child who will purchase the book to seek understanding for themselves. Maybe they will read it to learn about me, and will learn about themselves. Either way, beginning the healing process as soon as possible is best. There is no point is waiting until you are in your forties or fifties if you don’t have to.

31.   It is a limited edition. This book will not cycle again. Revisions will be done.

This printing will be gone forever. When these copies are gone, they are gone. If you are a collector or rare books, you may want to buy a copy of the book now before it gets a face lift. I will make changes, and there may be some things taken out. Once the information is gone, it is gone! I will also change the back and add some information inside of the book as well that does not appear there now.

There are several books that I absolutely love who sit on the best seller list so long that it is suggested to them to give the book a new cover, also called a face lift. I always like the original myself, but I understand that it does draw in new customers, perhaps even a new age group just discovering a place in their lives where they need the particular book for self-development or growth like The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman.

Buy a copy of my book for your bookshelf now, and it may serve as research later or as I mentioned earlier the prerequisite to the sequel. Click here

So, give me a reason, if you have one. Why do you want to buy my book? Or the better question since you are going to click here to make sure that you have it, is



About Ressurrection

Ressurrection Graves is a Child Sexual Abuse Grooming Expert and H.E.A.L.E.R. (Healer, Educator, Activist, Life Skills Expert, Empowerment Speaker, Relationship Mentor) Her website reaches readership in 188 countries. She is available for national speaking engagements, radio and television interviews. She can be reached at: 202.717.7377 or send your request to: ressurrection dot wordpress at yahoo dot com or comment on http://www.ressurrection.wordpress.com
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